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June 12, 2007



OK, Megan, I'm going to try this one. But keep in mind that "V" is a harder letter. I hope I can get through it.


Done. It's on my blog.


Fun!!!! Okay, here are mine:

1. Famous singer/band: Reba McIntyre

2. 4 letter word: Rock

3. Street name: Raintree Dr.

4. Color: Red

5. Gifts/presents: Ring

6.Vehicle: Roadster

7. Items on a menu: Ravioli

8. Boy name: Robert

9. Girl name: Rachel

10. Movie title: Regarding Henry

11. Drink: Riesling

12. Occupation: Representative (as in Congress)

13. Flower: Rose

14. Ummm...there was no 14 so my answer is: Raptured

15. Magazine: Redbook

16. US City: Raleigh

17. Pro Sports Team: Raiders

18. Reason for being late for work: Road construction

19. Something you throw away: Rind

20. Things you shout: "Right now!" (after giving my girls an instruction and noticing their delay)

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