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December 12, 2007



I have a hair twirler too - from birth! Monkey3 does that. I think it is an adorable habit. :)

Burke Wilson

Random Facts:

1.) My first college class was 2X the size of my high school graduating class. I'm a small town boy.

2.) I helped take care of the university mascot at Texas A&M.

3.) I hate feet.

4.) I'm border line OCD and feel the need to vacuum and clean my entire house everytime I go out of town.

5.) I've never been outside of North America -- hopefully that will change soon.

6.) I had the honor of placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

7.) I raced home every day after school to watch Saved by the Bell.

8.) I never saw the 70s.


1. I can solve the Rubik's cube in less than two minutes--and that's with someone else messing it up for me.

2. I worked as a nanny for Jane Seymour (during her "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" tenure, no less!).

3. I met Ricky Schroder and Jason Bateman at age 12 on the set of "Silver Spoons."

4. That week, I was the most popular girl in the 7th grade.

5. I love a blanket of snow on the ground.

6. I am an alumna of Pepperdine University.

7. That is where I got saved. Freshman year.

8. I love ballroom dancing and can execute the basic for east coast swing, merengue, rhumba, fox trot, tango, disco, and my favorite dance--the cha cha.


I thought your curls were natural, but now I find out they're all from twirling! I enjoyed reading your facts.


Hmmm...numbers 8 and 6 go hand in hand, huh?
little fyi for ya sister - you should have NEVER posted that. You know me...I will not let you live it down :O)
Btw...you had better *remember* come Tuesday!! [the park on Friday, well, the outdoors won't be so bad!]

Julie Andreen

1. My average in bowling is 130.
2. I was Elf #6 in the school play.
3. I was hit on by a man in Belgium and pretended not to speak English (or German, or Spanish, or Portuguese). Then I ran away.
4. I love classic rock.
5. When I was kid, I used to jump off the roof onto my trampoline. My mom would get mad when she saw me fly past the kitchen window.
6. I won a speech contest in 4th grade and the spelling bee in 5th grade.
7. I love British comedy.
8. I enjoy reading about sports history, especially baseball.

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