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May 26, 2008



ok...you hear a life guard laughing outloud, and then your kids, you look over and you see you 4 year old standing with his suit at his ankles posing as if he were the latest "fountain" feature. You'd be laughing too! p.s. it was at night and there were only about 8 other people there besides us. Megan happened to be standing around those 8 other people at the other end of the pool...so her take on this was not as humorous as mine at the time.

Paula in MN

Reminds of the time my then 3yo daughter was playing in the front yard. It was a nice summer day and all the neighbors were outside gearing up for a block party. My sweet, wonderful, lady-like daughter decides she has to go to the bathroom. Does she go inside? Noooo, she "drops trou" right on the front lawn.....


Don't feel alone! I can't remember which boy it was, but I did catch one of them peeing in the middle of the street in front of our house.

Burke Wilson

It's been 20 days since your last post? But if there was ever a post to propel you back into the blogosphere, it was this one!! Absolutely hysterical -- a man in his proudest moment! It is the "James" of the world that make our lives so interested and funny!!


Oh No!!! :o) You'll understand if we decline any invites to your pool ;-)


I think that he pulled down his suit before peeing because of his proper upbringing.

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