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June 11, 2008



oooo - sounds like a good rule to me! but the rule, and this isn't widely know - except in my own head, is when i find money in the pockets.... IT'S MINE!! Well, i should clarify: if it's in Paul's pocket, IT'S MINE!!


How's that Paul Simon tune go?

"there must be 50 ways to break the washer..."

Love and God bless, Meg.


Wow! I need to be more careful about double checking pockets too - I had no idea that stuff could get sucked into the washer and break it! I routinely find clean legos in our laundry...



So that's what happend to all my cash!

Lucy, you got some spaining to do :)


psssttt....I think i'm being followed!


ok, so the 2 quarters and 1 dime is probably Kents, so I think that rule should apply to him and double....from HIS mommy

Sister Mary Martha

Once when the dryer broke we found enough money in it to pay for its repair and buy dinner.

Deacon Matt Lee

Someone recently tried to use a casino token in one of our washers - no kidding. It was about the size of a quarter, but all it does is jam the machine. With five washers, four dryers, and 30 guys using them constantly (um, when they're not broken, which happens frequently), I guess that's roughly equivalent to having six people, one washer, one dryer, and a never-ending pile of laundry to do.

Fortunately, I don't pay the bill for the machines here. However, when I visit my parents it's a different story. Three visits ago it was the washer. $$$$ Two visits ago it was the dryer. $$$ Both were less than four years old. Hmmm...

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