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June 16, 2008



I have just spent the last 5 minutes with tears streaming down my face, trying not to fall out of my chair as I laugh and laugh and laugh!!!! Dh and my 4 boys LOVE Cloverfield (yeah, I know - I'm a horrible mother for letting my husband convince me to let my children watch this movie). I watched the first 10 minutes and decided I was NOT going to watch anymore. They all talk about it, love it, examine it from a film-making perspective, go on and on about the special affects, the story, the monsters, and oh my GOSH! It drives me NUTS, and I can't believe that I have all these MEN in my life who adore scary, creepy movies! That is SO not me! I am so *heartened* to know that I am, truly, not alone. Being surrounded by all this testosterone sometimes is so overwhelming - it's nice to know there's someone out there who symathizes with my plight. Can I borrow you and Catherine sometimes??? :-)


What do you expect from a Broncos fan?

P.S. we still love you, Kent!

Paula in MN

I have never heard of the movie. Ergo, it must really be bad.

Eric will never hear of this movie...


Cloverfield is a good movie. (Megan, stop laughing). Very uniquely done, the special effects were excellent and I wish I could see on the big screen! Common....Megan thinks James Bond is hokie.


p.s. James Bond is hokie, but you gotta love it!


i say no on the James Bond -
i have no idea about the clover thing though. never heard of it

Shaun Paddock

I totally agree with you regarding this movie. We watched it last week on Voodu and Mitchell summed it up quite nicely, "The monster is so cute"
Sorry Kent; we still love you.


ROFL!!!! We haven't seen it [I don't plan to!] but this cracked me up!


Gotta love Sci Fi!!

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