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June 19, 2008



oh! i think that's adorable! how 'bout we trade 12yo's - for lets say....the next, oh, 6yrs!! LOL! i'll take a sqeaky voice over sensitive, attitude-y anyday!!

Paula in MN

Reminds me of the Brady Bunch episode when Peter's voice changed...


No!!! Say it isn't so!!! Your oldest is what - less than a year older than mine? (Mine will be 12 in January.) I have noticed the occasional squeakiness over here, but nothing real obvious yet. My big issue right now is that, officially, he is taller than me. We ran across one of those measuring tape on a wall things yesterday, and up till then I had been able to deny it to myself. But nope, he's about 1/2 inch taller than me, and I just thought I had more *time* until this moment! It's going to be so strange to hear them have different voices, too! I do have to say that my guys are just delightful - no "preteen" stuff at all - I just love having boys! :-) I'm sure that your Catherine will be a little angel all her life, though, Megan! :-)


It's so fun when their voices change. I used to haave to search the house to make sure there wasn't another adult in there somewhere!

Julie Andreen

LOL...I know that movie forward and backward.

Scott Farkus to Ralphie: "Listen you little jerk: When I tell you to come, you better come."

Hopefully your son isn't doing the full impersonation. : O

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