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July 16, 2008


Paula in MN

Sounds like it was a good experience. My kids did t-ball and softball this year, and are both itching for more. Their classes were held at the same time, even at the same school campus, but on opposite ends of the buildings. I had to drive back and forth - I am not looking forward to a repeat.


This is a great post! Good for Matthew that he got to experience All-Stars!

Sign-ups for fall ball have already started and i've yet to sign 'em up [the 3 girls]. but the weather will be nice and it's more laid back. They'll have fun and we'll have fun watching :o)


One of those baseball seasons each of you will remember in your own way, but the memories will all be good. Standing ovation and a big crowd wave to Matthew, his brothers and to you and Kent for going above and beyond this baseball season...all of you are ALL STARS! We love and miss you very much.

Your biggest fan,

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