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July 09, 2008



at least the photo is "post" ER!! Hope he feels better soon - actually I really feel for his brothers :o)

Shaun Paddock

hey Megan its Mitchell tell James that he looks pretty gnar and his uncle Patrick would be proud. well i cant wait to see you guys again happy fourth and love to all!!


Poor James! I can't believe this is your first ER trip though! For a while we had a once a month visit.

Paula in MN

I'm so glad everything is okay! I was at the ER all morning with my son - for a very serious reason - think about all the stuff going on.....


Wow - poor James! I hope he heals quickly!

I am utterly amazed that you made it 13 years with no trip to the ER! We can't make it one year without one LOL!



Watch out Megan, James could be the beginning of Kent Jr the 2nd in disguise. I spent more times in the Dr. office with him getting stitches than the other 2 put together

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