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September 26, 2008



Hooray for you! Unfortunately:-( I never got gas this morning. I hadn't had breakfast so by noon when I left your place I was in no condition to sit in line for 45 min. with three hungry kidlets. I have just over 1/4 tank so I am very nervous and sure ready for regular gas service!


i know! this is nuts - seeing lines down the streets for gas! thankfully paul got mine filled up [almost] yesterday morn. They were out in an hour!


Gas? You have gas? Oh . . . Good recovery. I most certainly would have jumped all over that one! Next time you need gas, though, ask me. I can give it to you for a lot less than $4.20!


Yep - I'm sitting on empty right now with no idea when I'll get more....kinda scary at this point!


i tagged you for a game. don't worry...it's fun but it's also quick!

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