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October 20, 2008



#1 - haven't a clue
#2 - Hope Floats
#3 & 4 - Dan in real life
don't know
don't know
#7 - Stand by Me
Don't know
don't know
don't know

I stink!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW ANY OF MINE! I feel like an old lady or somethin' :-)

Paula in MN

Okay, here are my guesses:

1. Say Anything
2. Hope Floats
3. About Last Night (I'm disagreeing with Shelley)
4. Dan in Real Life (just watched this two weeks ago!)
5. The Sandlot
6. AIRPLANE --- a classic!!
7. I think this is from Stand by Me
8. Elf
9. Napolean Dynamite (I just saw this over the weekend for the first time and loved this line!)
10. Stranger than Fiction


If we ever play Trivial Pursuit together, please don't ask me any movie, TV or music questions dealing with entertainment after 1990. I rot! I think I have seen maybe 10 movies in the last 12 years, 3 were LOTR and 1 Narnia - oh, The Passion, Apollo 13, The Pink Panther, Wallee, and the one about the lost Clown Fish. If it wasn't on PBS, Discovery Channel, from an NFL game or in the Wall Street Journal I don't know anything about it. Music is worse. Does that mean I'm old or "selective"?

Deacon Matt Lee

Hmmm... I don't watch enough movies... I only got #6 (Airplane). Why don't they show that one for in-flight movies? Hmmm...

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