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April 09, 2009


Kelly Warner

Megan, I wish I could have seen the whole presentation!

I was LOL about the "men get bit most often" [because they do stupid things], I know that is true.

When I was in the Marine Corps, we were training in the desert and we had a guy who found a rattlesnake and decided to show off how "tough" he was - he tried to bite the head off the *live* rattle snake - who did what any self respecting snake would have done and bit him on the tongue. The guy died almost instantly.

True story - I kid you not!


This was pretty cool! My boys would have loved it!


speak of the devil [literally when speaking of snakes]...

just last week our neighbors across the street killed a copperhead in her driveway - she took a 2x4 to it around 2am. she reminds me of you megan!! ha!

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